If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then you know how important search marketing is for businesses large and small. If you haven’t, if you have no idea what SEO is, then you’re missing out. And then there’s the third type of business owner, the one who has heard about Chicago seo but has decided that their business can’t benefit from it. First and foremost, any and every business can benefit from SEM. However, small businesses especially need search engine optimization. Otherwise, they risk going out of business. Without search traffic to help ensure that they get all the customers they want and need, they’ll wind up losing potential customers to competitors. Competitors who do have search engine optimization.

hat would explain why you don’t understand how important SEO is! For those unfamiliar, Search Engine Optimization (which is usually referred to as SEO) is an umbrella term for a group of tactics designed to get a site noticed by as many Google or Bing searches as possible. These tactics include things such as properly using keywords, social media sharing, and just ensuring proper website design.

And already, you see why Google and Bing web traffic is so important. If you know anything about how Google or Bing works, you know that most people only use the first couple of sites that pop up. If your website winds up lower on the front page, or heaven forbid on the second page, it might as well not exist.

But how does that help for local businesses like Chicago pastry shops?

SEO For Local Businesses

The truth is that the days of the yellow pages are long gone. People don’t use phone books anymore because no one needs to. Most people have an internet capable device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Because of this, when people need to look for a local place, they simply head to Google.

Do you see where marketing your business with these tactics becomes important? When people search for local companies to get their various jobs done, they’ll head right to Google. This includes things like finding local caterers or having pastries or cakes baked for a special event. You could be losing out on important wedding cake sales!

But if you’re a pastry shop, you may do most of your sales via foot traffic. Organic traffic can help you there, too.

SEO For Gaining Food Traffic

People on the use Google just as often as people at home. When someone is out and about, and they want a pastry, they pull out their smartphone and check Google. That’s just how it works these days. This means that if your website is properly built, with all the various SEM tactics set up in your favor, a person looking for a pastry shop in Chicago is more likely to find your business.

Many people look at SEM and presume that it couldn’t possibly help their business. Many small business owners are quite skeptical of the idea that an internet marketing gimmick can really help their business. They get all their customers locally, so they don’t need to sell things on the web!

We hope you were able to get something out of this. We usually like to explain things in a much different way then your regular website would. Remember that you can always reach us here or anywhere on our socials.