Top 2 Pastries

Our Top 2 Pastries in ChicagoIt’s highly recommend

It is highly recommended to visit these two companies and study them. They have shown great success as far as great product and marketing tactics.


One of our favorite places to visit is La Fournette pastry store. They have done a powerful marketing campaign recently that has enabled them to grow rapidly. It is filled with fantastic staff, and the vibe of the place is quite amazing. The pastries are fresh, made that morning. It’s authentic French bakery located in Chicago. It ranks to be one of these shops that it’s incredibly difficult to pick an item from behind the glass. Everything not only smells amazing but looks amazing. They have done an outstanding job with marketing their store with social media and SEO. They are rated 4.5 stars on

Alliance Patisserie, is one of those shops that you cannot stop going to after you go there. The owner is super friendly and knows her marketing very well. She focuses on search engine optimization on and Google. Her skills can bring in customers on a daily base. Alliance Patisserie pastries are delicious and fresh