Intrusive marketing? Unwanted person who wants to contact us? Every Android smartphone has a mechanism to block an unwanted phone number. Four simple clicks are enough and the would-be interlocutor will never contact us again. How to block a number on Android?

Sometimes, we don’t want to talk to someone. What’s more, every owner of a cell phone also met an insistent phone call from a telemarketing company. Just that our number will fall into the wrong hands, and the smartphone’s ringtone will constantly ring. There is one effective way to do this – block the intruder in the Android mechanism. Below are the simple steps to success.

We’re blocking the number on Android – step by step

  1. Enter the list of recent calls and dial the unwanted number
  2. On the number screen, click

Select Block / Unblock Number from the drop-down menu. The name may vary depending on your phone model.

  1. Mark the variables presented in the picture below

We can choose between blocking conversations as well as unwanted text messages.

  1. Done. You just blocked an unwanted number!
How to block a number on Android?

Block numbers with the help of the application

If the system lock available on mobile phones is not enough for us, we can use the available mobile applications.

Truecaller is a very popular application that can help you deal with unwanted calls and messages. It is an application that, thanks to a rich and constantly updated database of numbers, identifies spam and automatically blocks it. The application also allows you to identify incoming calls from unknown numbers and makes it easier to reject those you don’t want. By the way, it also allows you to record important conversations and has a number of other useful functions.

The CallApp mobile application works similarly, although there are also other similar applications that also work well in the fight against unwanted calls and messages.

Blocking numbers through the operator

If you do not want to install the application and the system solution does not solve our problem, we can use the help of your telephone operator.

With the help of the operator’s mobile application, by entering his account on his website or contacting the helpline, we can block any number and make a number of changes, for example, set a complete block of anonymous connections, i.e. restricted numbers.



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