During high school, the raspberry was a peculiar order, a symbol of belonging to a caste, which not only that she “went” with the boys, but also kissed them. At that time, raspberries were exposed to power. After a few (ten) years, a bruise on the neck or shoulder is no longer a reason to be proud. Especially if, like most of the population, you work outside the home and your job requires a proper look. How to get rid of hickies?

Raspberry is a romantic seal that the lover leaves on the body of his other half. For some people, this is part of a love game – it means that the “sealed” person is busy. Mostly, however, this sign hides from the world and rather no stranger has a chance to see it. However, for the owner or owner of raspberry is certainly a souvenir of a passionate meeting.

Cool enthusiasm

First of all, remember that a raspberry is nothing but a bruise. The red spot is the result of a rupture of the blood vessels just like when you hit something hard. It is best to react quickly. Therefore, applying a cold spoon or ice cubes is ideal to reduce swelling. Gently apply ice to fresh raspberry. This means that the blood will not spill under the skin and the lesion will be less visible.

Reach for aloe

Aloe extract, a natural moisturizer, is known for its rejuvenating and healing properties. It perfectly soothes irritations, so when you want to get rid of them, apply aloe vera gel to the changed places twice a day, at least for 10 minutes. This will make the raspberry absorb faster.

How to get rid of hickies?

Lemon peel

What would we do without old, proven home methods. Healing the internal wound will accelerate the compress from the skin of the lemon. It’s best to fix it with a slice to the raspberry and hold the lemon compress for about an hour. Lemon peel is good to apply at least twice a day. The raspberry will disappear faster.


This is a rescue for the brave, because the method is painful. Brush the raspberry with balm or cream and prepare a five zloty. Then tighten the skin and the edge of the coin begin to press against the raspberry, as if you were scraping it. You have to press hard, but at the same time be careful not to irritate the skin too much. It’s complicated. Be prepared for the fact that you will feel pain, but thanks to this action, the blood collected under the surface of the skin will disappear, because it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Do this for about 5 minutes, then take a half hour break. It is good to repeat the method up to 4 times.

Grab a banana

The inner part of the banana peel will cool the raspberry and work just like ice cubes. Although this advice sounds a bit absurd, it actually works. Especially if you regularly apply fruit peel to the changed place, twice a day, for at least 10 minutes.

Eat vitamin K

Your beloved regularly turns into a raspberry vampire? Enrich your diet with broccoli, kale, spinach and brown rice. These ingredients contain vitamin K, which supports circulation and has an anticoagulant effect. Further raspberries will disappear faster.


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