Coffee is the most consumed drink in the world. There are many ways to prepare a cup of our favorite coffee: cafes, espresso machines, etc., however, many coffee lovers prefer the French press as a tool to prepare the perfect coffee. We will focus on this tool today. How to use a French press?

A little France, a little Scandinavia …

Frech Press is a device whose history dates back to the early 20th century. Invented in France, as the name implies (although you can also come across such terms as the French press, press pot or … cafeteria, although this may also indicate a coffee machine), however, it gained the most popularity in Great Britain and Denmark.

The unflagging popularity of brewing coffee in the French Press

What influences the fact that French Press is still such a popular form of brewing coffee, especially at home? How many times in French film frames did the French Press end up in bed between the two heroes in the morning after an intoxicating night!

Ha! On the one hand, it is a very simple method, on the other, it gives interesting effects.

The design of every French press is the same. It is a glass or metal cylinder, in which a piston enters, at the end of which there is a strainer that adheres well to the walls.

How to use a French press?

Once and for all

As we have explained, French Press is very simple. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that its elements are of good quality. What influences this quality? Materials used for production.

These devices can be obtained for a dozen or so – several dozen zlotys in most supermarkets. There may be a problem with them. First of all – a leaky strainer at the end of the piston. The edges of this part must adhere very precisely to the walls of the vessel. The point is that the coffee particles do not leak sideways when squeezing, getting into the finished brew. Everything is to remain under the strainer, only ready coffee above it.

A way for a Frenchman, or how to brew coffee in a brewing unit

Regardless of how French Press will be in your kitchen, large or small, metal or glass, brewing coffee in it goes the same way. Very simple.

What will be useful is fresh, filtered, hot water (around 90 degrees C), good quality coffee beans (can be both roasted for espresso and for overflow methods, depending on your preferences and preferences), grinder, stopwatch and weight.

As with any brewing method, proportions are important in French Press. This will allow you to catch a hook. It is worth starting with a standard 60g of coffee per 1 liter of water, adapting to the size of your brewer. We grind this coffee coarsely. Too fine grinding can clog the strainer, and the coffee takes on too heavy and dirty taste.

Pour ground coffee into a dish and pour hot water to cover the particles. Mix and leave for half a minute. After this time, pour the remaining part of the water, mix it again two or three times, put the lid on, but do not squeeze the plunger and leave it to brew for about three – four minutes. After this time, you can remove the lid and use a spoon to collect coffee residue from the top, which will give you a purer brew. Now there is nothing else to do but push the plunger to the bottom in a steady, calm motion and pour the coffee into the cups.



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