Your own website is very important. Your own internet address is where you send people to and find yourself in search results. How to build a website?

Website design

A good website starts with a project. Before you start looking for tools, you need to think about a few things. First of all: what side do you need? What is its purpose? What must be on the site? What do people find on it? And finally – how much time and resources do you have?

These are important questions and you must start designing your website by answering them. For example, a company’s website may have many versions. Do you run a local business and want to have a business card on the internet that will help you reach your customers? Maybe you need a place where people will find your offer and you will share your knowledge?

How to make a website for free?

There are several ways, but first I want to answer one very important question: what is a free website useful for?

There are several reasons:

  • to learn how to make pages (and design them);
  • to see if the tool meets expectations;
  • in a situation where you do not need anything more;
  • for personal use.
How to build a website?

Each of these reasons makes a free website legitimate and is very often useful.

If you add the option of publishing such a website on the web (also for free), with a free domain, you are at home.

You can see the effects of work, see what went off and what went wrong, and by the way – show your project to others.

To make such a website, you definitely need a page making program that allows you to do something like this.

But how do you make a website?

Once you have the initial design of your own website, it’s time to choose the tools, i.e. answer the question of how to make a website.

Website creation tools are very important – they are to help at work, not to hinder it. Especially if you do not want to bother with constant updates and looking for additional solutions.

A very important thing in building a website is its responsiveness, i.e. how the page is displayed on mobile devices. While this is a very important issue, many website building tools either make it difficult or impossible.

So how do you set up a website?

You need a domain, which is your site’s address, and hosting, or a “plot” on which to place it. And of course the tools that will help you create a page.

SEO or website positioning

Since you are creating your own website, you want people to find you. That is why you must remember about SEO, i.e. preparing the website for the requirements of search engines. This means that a website must answer the questions that its search engine will ask, and in fact – a specific person. Think about how you search for information on the internet.



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